If you are looking at alternative heating methods for your home as a result of rising energy bills, have you considered an air or ground source heat pump? It can be a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to provide both heating and hot water for your home. Both air source and ground source heat pumps can have numerous benefits for your home, such as low running costs, a reduced carbon footprint, and the efficiency at which they operate. Find out why more and more households are opting to install a heat pump, and see how you could benefit from installation.

Low running costs

Despite the initial installation costs, the way heat pumps operate means that you can make large savings on your energy bills. Heat pumps can operate at high efficiency levels, even in cold temperatures. Only 25% of their energy will come from electricity, whilst the other 75% is generated by the environment, whether this is the ground or the air. The most efficient heat pumps on the market could save you up to £1400 per year on your energy bills.

Less maintenance

Heat pumps require significantly less maintenance than traditional heating systems. Both system and combi boilers have numerous working parts that could go wrong and cause safety risks for you and the other occupants of your home. We recommend looking over your heat pump on an annual basis to make sure everything is functioning correctly.

Reduce carbon emissions

Heat pumps operate by using minimal electricity, which can even be generated from sustainable sources such as solar panels. They produce zero carbon emissions, which makes them a more environmentally friendly alternative when compared with traditional heating systems such as gas and electric boilers. These systems are powered by fossil fuels, which contribute to your carbon footprint. Installing a heat pump means you are helping to protect the environment.

Year-round usage

Heat pumps are not only usable during the winter. They also have cooling abilities which makes them beneficial all year round. During the summer months, you can simply reduce the temperature of the heat pump to your preference, so that you can create a cool, comfortable environment throughout your home. This cooling ability gives them the edge over boilers.

Long life span

Once installed, you can expect your heat pump to last around 15 years in your home. Some of the best heat pumps on the market could last up to 30 years. The savings that you make on your energy bills over this time make it a worthwhile investment. They are also reliable systems that rarely experience breakdowns, so you can rely on your system for years to come.

If you are considering an air or ground source heat pump for your home, you will want to have installation carried out by professionally trained experts. Our team at Gas Tech Heating can help. We can carry out full air or ground source heat pump installation at your property. We will help you decide on a suitable system for your needs then manage installation from start to finish. Call 01442 832202 or email info@gastechheatingltd.co.uk to book your installation.