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Gas Tech Heating have been working with us for a couple of months now, and have been a pleasure to work with. We have been working closely with Evie, who provides brilliant up to date information, and all the jobs are carried out with complete professionalism. 10/10!

Tom and his team went above and beyond helping me choose the right sink unit. They arrived on time and finished the job in the anticipated time leaving the place clean and tidy afterwards. We are very pleased with our new look shower room. Would highly recommend this company.

Air source heat pump installation in Hertfordshire

An air source heat pump is an environmentally friendly way to generate heating and hot water.

How does an air source heat pump work?

  • The pump extracts heat from the air
  • This is converted into useful energy to heat your home
  • Some electricity is needed, but the energy output is far greater than the electricity input, making this an environmentally friendly option

Air source heat pumps look similar to air conditioning units and will usually be fixed to an external wall of your property. If you would like to know how much an air source heat pump costs, please get in touch. We can provide a tailored, itemised quote for the work.

Ground source heat pump installation in Hertfordshire

Ground source heat pumps are another eco-friendly way of generating heating and hot water for domestic use.

How does a ground source heat pump work?

  • The pump extracts heat from the ground
  • It is installed underground, either vertically or horizontally
  • Some electricity is needed, but the heat extracted is renewed naturally so this is still considered a renewable energy source

Find out how much a ground source heat pump costs by requesting a free quote – we’ll give you tailored, itemised prices.

Air source vs ground source heat pump – choose the right renewable energy solutions

Air and ground source heat pumps work in broadly similar ways but the main difference is where, and how, they are installed. Ground source heat pumps will require more outdoor space for installation – they are also more expensive to install and require specialist machinery to place them underground. However, they will often be more energy efficient once up and running.

To find out more about air and ground source heat pumps and discuss which option may be right for you, please just get in touch.

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