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How does underfloor heating work? Wet underfloor heating explained!

Underfloor heating works by heating a room from below the floor, where a series of pipes will be installed. Wet underfloor heating makes use of warm water running through the pipes – the water is at a lower temperature, making it highly effective while saving energy.

Underfloor heating will work with various types of boilers and will be split up into zones. These zones are usually controlled using smart thermostats to give ultimate control and precision.

What is the running cost of underfloor heating? What does wet underfloor heating cost to install? Your questions answered!

Underfloor heating costs will depend on the size of your property and the rooms where the heating system is being installed. Our team can best answer all your questions with a free, individual consultation. We’ll tell you about how we install underfloor heating, how much wet underfloor heating costs, and answer any other questions you have about how it will heat your home.

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Looking for plumbers with underfloor heating experience? We are the ideal team to take care of your requirements – wet system installation is one of our specialities.
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We have public liability and employer‘s liability insurance to protect you and your property.

Expert wet underfloor heating installers

Our experience in installation spans more than 10 years.

System checks

Systems should generally be given a once over annually, along with boiler servicing – we can help.


We use a reliable appointment booking system to allocate convenient timeslots for customers.

Wet underfloor heating system design

Pipe layouts can be tricky – we can design your perfect heating system.

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