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Some signs you may need a powerflush

Powerflushing your central heating system can help keep it working efficiently and prevent future problems. Here are some of the key benefits:

    • Saves money on energy bills – By removing debris, a powerflush improves efficiency so your system does not have to work as hard to heat your home. This can lead to lower energy usage and bills.
    • Improves reliability – Sediment buildup can lead to blocked pipes, radiator leaks, and boiler breakdowns. Powerflushing reduces these problems.
    • Extends system lifespan – The high-pressure flush removes corrosion-causing debris. This protects components from damage and extends the operating life.
    • More even heating – With pipes and radiators cleared of sludge, hot water can circulate properly. This means fewer cold spots.
    • Quieter operation – Buildup in pipes and radiators can cause noise. A powerflush removes the debris causing abnormal sounds.

There may be other signs you notice too. Talk to us and we can advise you on whether a powerflush is the right approach to take.

How much does a powerflush cost?

The cost of your powerflush will depend on the time it takes to perform. Eight hours is around average, though it can take longer if you have a large property or your heating system is complex. We’ll be happy to give you a quote.


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Before a powerflush:

Built-up sediment within the heating system settles at the bottom of radiators, preventing hot water from circulating evenly. This produces cold spots.


After a powerflush:

Sediment has been removed from the heating system, allowing each radiator to work effectively. The addition of corrosion inhibitors ensures long-lasting results.

The benefits of powerflushing your heating system

Powerflushing your central heating system can help to keep it in optimum working condition and prevent future heating problems. Here are some of the key reasons to consider a powerflush:

      • A more efficient heating system, saving you money on energy bills
      • Improved reliability over time, with less chance of boiler breakdowns
      • A longer lifespan for your central heating system
      • More even heating throughout the whole property
      • Less noise coming from your boiler and radiators

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