With more of us relying on our boilers in colder temperatures, you will want to make sure that your boiler is operating as efficiently as possible, particularly with energy bills continuing to rise. A boiler service is essential to keep your heating running smoothly throughout the winter months when you will need it most, and it can help you to identify any problems with your heating system before they turn into something more serious. Find out what a boiler service covers, and when you should think about booking one in as soon as possible…

What is a boiler service?

A boiler service is a series of checks and tests carried out by a Gas Safe engineer, which makes sure that your system is functioning safely and efficiently. They will check important features such as the gas pressure and flow, and make sure that all key components are working as they should.

Why should I book a boiler service?

Having your boiler serviced can have a number of benefits to your home, which makes it worthwhile to get one booked in at your earliest convenience. Find out how a service can benefit you:

Identifying boiler issues

Not addressing boiler problems early can lead to more serious ones down the line, and result in a complete boiler breakdown. Having a qualified boiler engineer look over your system can allow them to identify these potential problems and rectify them before your system deteriorates and becomes less efficient.

Save on energy bills

Despite the initial outlay on a boiler service, it can benefit your pocket in the long term. Your engineer will carry out important checks and adjustments that will make sure your boiler is operating as efficiently as possible. This means that less energy will be wasted when heating the radiators around your home and the process of warming your property will be as quick as possible. You can expect this will have an overall positive impact on your energy bills.

Keep your loved ones safe

One of the most important reasons to have your boiler serviced regularly is to ensure the safety of you and your family. A faulty boiler is extremely dangerous, as leaking carbon monoxide gas can be deadly to the occupants of your property. A Gas Safe registered engineer will carry out an in-depth check to make sure there are no leaks occurring and put your mind at ease.

When should I book a boiler service?

To make sure that it is continuing to run smoothly, we recommend you book in a boiler service on an annual basis. This is to allow an engineer to look over your system and maintain these levels of efficiency. You can be sure that your boiler will be functioning at optimum levels during the cold winter months when you will need it the most.

If you think it’s time you got a boiler service booked in for your property, our team at Gas Tech Heating are right for the job. We are Gas Safe registered boiler engineers, who can carry out a comprehensive service of your boiler to ensure it is operating efficiently. We have experience with major boiler brands and many others, so you can trust us for a quality job. If you want to get booked in with us, give us a call on 01442 832202 or email info@gastechheatingltd.co.uk so that we can discuss it with you.