Looking for ways to improve your central heating to make it more efficient this winter? Making some upgrades or adjustments to your current central heating system can help to make a difference in your home and reduce your energy bills this winter. Changes such as arranging a boiler service or upgrading to a more energy efficient system can have a long-term impact on how efficient your heating is, so it is worth considering these changes. This blog will cover some of the best ways that an efficient heating system can cut down your bills.

Energy efficient boiler

Upgrading your central heating system can make all the difference to your heating bills in the long term. A gas condensing combi boiler comes with an efficiency rating of up to 98%, which is much higher than a conventional boiler system. Any A-rated boiler can allow you to save up to 30% on your heating bills when compared with an older, less efficient heating system. This type of modern boiler has a higher rate of energy conversion, which reduced the amount of energy lost as waste heat.

Regular maintenance

Regularly maintaining your system and keeping it in proper working order can make all the difference to your heating bills. Over time your heating will begin to reduce in efficiency and will take longer to heat all the rooms in your home, which will cost you more in bills. Arranging a service with a qualified, gas safe registered engineer can make all the difference. They will test and check all the key working parts of your boiler, making small adjustments to make sure it is operating at maximum efficiency to heat your home. You should book this on an annual basis to maintain your boiler properly.

Smart heating controls

Smart heating controls allow you to closely monitor your heating usage, and reduce the amount of energy you use in your home. You can easily adjust your heating so that it is turned off when no one is in the house, and you only heat rooms as they are in use. There is a lot less wasted energy, and with the option of a timer, you can limit your heating usage to a few hours a day if preferred. Smart heating controls are one of the most straightforward and low-cost ways to make your heating more energy efficient.

Radiant heating systems

Alternative heating systems can be significantly more efficient than just using a boiler, as they use less energy to heat up each room in your home. Radiant heating systems such as underfloor heating are popular for their level of efficiency. As the heat rises from under your floor, it will heat the whole room much quickly than a standard radiator, so you will not need to leave your heating on for as long.

Making these adjustments to your heating systems can ensure you use your heating in a more efficient manner. You can expect to see long term benefits to your heating bills, and are a good way to reduce your energy consumption whilst bills continue to rise. At Gas Tech Heating, we can help you to take these steps towards more efficient central heating. Whether it is boiler servicing, or installation of a more energy efficient system, we offer all types of professional heating services. To find out more, call 01442 832202 or email info@gastechheatingltd.co.uk to speak to our team.