We’re coming out of the coldest part of the year, the temperatures will rise, and things will get a little bit more comfortable. As it gets warmer, it is important to adjust our heating habits to make sure we are not wasting heat. By making even slight changes you can control your heating this spring to keep your home comfortable and save money.

Check your thermostat

During cold snaps, it is very tempting to bump the thermostat up and up to compensate. Now things are getting a bit warmer take a look at your thermostat and bring it down to better suit the weather. 20°C is a reasonable temperature for a home during the daytime, but as low as 18°C is still suitable for adults. Reducing your thermostat even by a degree or two will show big changes on your bill. Another way you can save money is by turning off your heating altogether when you’re not in. Despite myths that it is cheaper to leave it on low all day, the best way to save is to reduce the amount of time your heating is on at all. You can make these changes possible with smart controls. They give you sophisticated control over your heating system to make sure you only use exactly what you need and save money.

Insulate and weatherproof your home

With proper insulation you can trap more of your home’s heat, lowering your bills. A surprising amount of your heat is wasted through walls and roofs. A simple measure is to check your doors and windows. Can you feel any draughts? Close up gaps with caulk and weatherstripping to keep your home’s heat secure. You can also invest in cavity wall insulation or loft insulation to secure your home’s heat. Another measure you can take is having loft ventilation installed. This can help move trapped heat from the highest part of your house down into cooler rooms below, meaning your heating system won’t have to work as hard. Ventilating and insulating both have upfront costs that might seem daunting. However, with the savings they can bring you they will quickly pay for themselves. Insulation and loft ventilation are highly worthwhile investments to help you save money on your bills this spring.

Reduce your water heating energy

Water heating accounts for a significant portion of many households’ energy usage. Having hot water permanently available for showers, washing-up, and radiators is a modern luxury we can’t live without. But by making a few adjustments you can save some money while barely impacting your day-to-day routine.

  • Manually lower hot water temperature

    It is possible to reduce the temperature of the hot water that is coming out of your taps. If you find that the water from the hot tap while running a bath or doing the washing up is far too hot and needs to be diluted with cold water, then you’re wasting heat. Follow the instructions on your boiler’s manual and bring it down to a more comfortable temperature. 55°C is suitable for most households.

  • Reduce flow temperature of your combi boiler

    The flow temperature of your boiler is often set higher than necessary. Lowering it will mean that your radiators feel a little cooler to the touch and will take slightly longer to warm rooms fully but won’t lower the temperature of your home overall. If your home is well-insulated, you can bring it down as low as 50°C which will give you considerable savings this spring.

  • Make your non-combi boiler more efficient

    Cover your water cylinder with an insulating jacket – which can cost as little as £15 – to prevent heat from escaping from it and being wasted. You can also have your boiler set different temperatures for heating and hot water. While you cannot lower the flow temperature of the hot water cylinder itself below 70°C, a qualified Gas Safe heating engineer can lower the flow temperature for heating to reduce your gas bills while ensuring your hot water supply is safe.

We’ve all been trying our best to save money on our heating this winter, so don’t let those good habits stop as the weather gets warmer. These are some simple measures you can take to adjust your heating system as spring begins.

If this past winter has shown that your heating isn’t up to scratch and your boiler needs replacing, or you’re just looking for some help implementing this advice, get in touch with the experts. At Gas Tech Heating, we are a team of Gas Safe registered heating engineers committed to serving Bromley and the surrounding areas. Call 01442 832202 or email info@gastechheatingltd.co.uk to find out more about our comprehensive heating and plumbing services.