Many households find a significant amount of their budget goes towards energy bills every month, and often this is due to appliances that are not in use or lights that are left on for long periods of time unnecessarily. Making small adjustments around your home to the energy you use can make a significant difference to your gas and electricity bills. Allow us to walk you through some changes you should consider.

Heating controls

Monitoring your heating and hot water more closely will lead to less wastage and can help you to cut your heating bills significantly. It will allow you to heat only certain rooms in your home, keeping it at a more comfortable temperature for the whole family and ensuring you are only heating the areas you use. Controlling your hot water heater means it will only heat water when you need it rather than all day.

Switching energy suppliers

Looking into your current energy supplier and comparing your monthly bills with other options on the market could be a worthwhile task. A smart meter can also be used to send your meter readings automatically, ensuring your bills are accurate and preventing you from being overcharged. If you allow a fixed tariff to run out, you will be moved to a standard variable tariff which will result in your energy costs increasing by hundreds, so it is important to keep an eye on this.

Light bulbs

Leaving your lights on many hours a day can result in large bills if you still have standard halogen bulbs. Energy-saving light bulbs are a cheap and straightforward way to cut your energy costs. They can last for a significantly longer amount of time than a halogen bulb, and their annual running costs will be a fraction of what you may be paying at the moment. It would be worthwhile for you to change the light bulbs throughout your home for a large annual saving.

Home insulation

Preventing heat from escaping through gaps around your home is easily solved through a few simple steps. Draught proofing strips can be installed around your doors and windows to block off any small gaps. You can also insulate your loft and cavity walls if you haven’t already, keeping the heat in your home for longer periods of time.

Energy-saving appliances

According to statistics from the Energy Saving Trust, the average household spends £35 per year leaving appliances on standby. When replacing old appliances in your home, you may benefit from choosing a model which is energy-efficient, giving you big savings on running costs. Appliances such as washing machines, TVs, fridges, and freezers can all contribute to your energy bills. You can measure how much money you could save by looking at energy-efficiency ratings of appliances. Or why not look for cheaper alternatives to appliances? You could dry your laundry on the line instead of using a tumble dryer.

Following these simple steps can help you save money on your home energy costs, so if you make these small changes, you can save on electricity and gas all year-round. Here at Gas Tech Heating, we can help make a difference to your bills with smart heating controls or by servicing your boiler to ensure it is as efficient as possible. For more information on our plumbing and heating services or to get booked in with one of our expert engineers, give us a call on 01442 832202 or email