Summer can be the time of year where water usage in your home increases the most, and as the warmer months come to an end you may have gotten a shock from your water bill. If this has left you thinking of ways you can cut down water usage in your home and bring these bills down, there are multiple options you may not have considered before. Fitting water saving devices or monitoring your tap usage more closely are some of the simplest ways to save yourself litres at a time and using your appliances differently can have a larger impact on your bills than you might think. Let us offer you some ideas…

Turn your taps off

It is not uncommon for you or your family to have fallen into the habit of leaving taps on whilst you are brushing your teeth or doing the washing up with the tap still running, but this can waste as much as 6 litres of water per minute. Worst of all, most of this goes down the drain unused. Simply turning off your taps when brushing or filling up a washing up bowl to wash the dishes can prevent all this water from going to waste. These solutions won’t cost you a thing and will have an instant impact on your monthly bills, making it an easy decision to remind everyone in your home to do their bit. You should also check for leaking taps in your home, as this can slowly drip away litres of water a day. These leaks will be straightforward to fix and this can be done at minimal cost.

Change your shower routine

Showers are one of the devices in your home that use the largest amount of water in the shortest amount of time. The average shower can use 10 litres of water per minute, meaning ten minutes in the shower can use 100 litres of water. If you find yourself or the others in your home are spending this long in the shower, cutting down on time spent in the shower is a straightforward way to reduce your water consumption. You could try limiting yourself to one shower a day or setting a timer to make sure you are not spending an excessive amount of time in the shower. Another low-cost water saving measure you could apply is to have a water-saving shower head fitted, which can reduce water consumption by up to 60%, with no impact on your shower time.

Fully load your appliances

Many of us can be guilty of running our dishwashers or washing machines at significantly less than full capacity. Washing two lots of plates or clothes at half capacity will use a lot more water and energy than one wash with a full load. Simply waiting an extra day to clean your clothes or dishes can make a big difference to your bills. Many newer appliances come with water and energy efficient settings, so use the ECO mode where you can to ensure the most energy- and water-efficient wash possible.

These straightforward water-saving methods cost virtually nothing and can make all the difference to your water bills at the end of the month, particularly at the times of year when your usage is likely to increase. At Gas Tech Heating, our fully qualified plumbers can help you reduce water consumption throughout your home. Whether its fixing leaky taps or carrying out shower replacements, we are capable of resolving any plumbing issue you may be having. If you would like to get booked in with us for replacements or repairs, call now on 01442 832202 or email so that one of our experts can help.