Your boiler is operating almost constantly throughout the day and as a result picks up some wear. Sludgy residue can form inside the boiler causing a variety of problems that will impact its efficiency, lifespan, as well as the comfort of your home. A powerflush is the process of pumping specialised chemicals through your boiler system at high pressure. When performed by a qualified professional, a powerflush of your central heating system will remove these blockages. This will improve the effectiveness of your system and prolong its lifespan.

How does a powerflush work?

A powerflush is the most effective way to remove build-up inside your boiler. A technician will connect a specialised pump directly to your heating system. They’ll use this to pump a mixture of specific cleaning chemicals through the pipes and components that will breakdown and flush away the sludge and other debris. It will also destroy limescale and prevent rust from forming. Once all of the contaminants have been dislodged by the circulation of the chemical blend it can be flushed out. Then water is forced through to remove any contaminated liquid from the system. Then your heating system will be ready to use again.

Do I need a powerflush?

Many common heating complaints can be resolved with a powerflush. If you find yourself experiencing any of the following problems with your system, then a powerflush might be the solution:

  • Leaky radiators
  • Strange noises or banging coming from your boiler
  • Cold spots at the bottom of your radiators
  • Your radiators are different temperatures
  • Radiators require frequent bleeding
  • Water from a bled radiator is discoloured
  • Radiators are cold when the pipes are hot
  • Air blocks in your central heating system

If you’ve found these problems, then be sure to contact a professional to see if you might benefit from a powerflushing.

Who can complete a powerflush?

You should only ever contact a qualified heating engineer to conduct your powerflush. They will have the proper training to handle the chemicals and equipment needed for the process. Your heating system involves multiple pieces of complex machinery, so it is critical that you have someone who is suitably qualified to carry this out. An incorrectly applied powerflush could result in damage to your system. While Gas Safe registration is not a legal requirement, is a good way to maintain your peace of mind that your system is in good hands. A qualified Gas Safe registered engineer will also be able to identify faulty components in your system that can be repaired or replaced, further improving your system once the powerflush is completed.

Benefits of a powerflush

  • Your heating system will become more reliable and responsive
  • Prolong the lifespan of your boiler
  • Keep your boiler from developing serious (and expensive) faults in the future
  • Increased efficiency in your system, saving you money
  • Rectify faults such as cold or leaky radiators.

Professionally completed powerflushing is the safe, efficient, and cost-effective way to resolve issues with your heating system. Just be sure that it is undertaken by a properly qualified technician. At Gas Tech Heating, we have a team of Gas Safe registered heating engineers ready to rectify faults with your boiler. Get in touch on 01442 832202 or to get a solution from our team.