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What does a boiler service in Aylesbury cost?

The cost of boiler servicing in Aylesbury can vary depending on a range of factors, from the service type to the amount of work required. We calculate honest quotations and provide them to every customer as part of an itemised digital quote when a boiler service is requested with us, so you will always know what to expect from us before we have even arrived at your property in Aylesbury.

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At Gas Tech Heating, we are committed to providing boiler services of the highest standards. We pride ourselves on being an approachable and friendly team of local boiler engineers that have been chosen by many homeowners and landlords across Aylesbury. Take a look at what they have to say.

When is your annual boiler service in Aylesbury?

One of the most frequent questions our team get asked in Aylesbury is ‘how often should a boiler be serviced?’ The answer will most often be annually. Many boiler manufacturers clearly state that, for your warranty to remain valid, an annual boiler service should be carried out, with the first Gas Safe boiler service taking place within 12 months of the unit’s installation.

At Gas Tech Heating, our Gas Safe registered heating engineers provide two service types and can provide timely reminders as to when your next service is required.

  • Intermediate service

A service that involves a basic check to ensure everything is operating as it should.

  • Full service

A service that provides an overhaul of your system and includes a clean of individual parts and replacement of seals and washers.

Combi boiler service
in Aylesbury

Combi boilers perform in the same manner as a traditional gas boiler, but require electricity to operate and provide properties with heat and hot water. Combi boilers will still require an annual service, and this can be carried out by our professional heating engineers in the same manner as a gas boiler service. These services will include a removal of dirt and grime, inspection and replacement of internal components when required, and an assessment of your combi boiler’s overall operating ability.

Why is boiler servicing important?

Boiler faults cannot always be predicted and are very rarely pleasant. Our emergency boiler service is on hand to locate the source of any faults and rectify them, restoring your heat and hot water, night or day. However, regular maintenance in the form of an annual boiler service can identify potential issues before they develop into troublesome faults.

  • Safety

Boilers utilise gas to operate, and so it is important that they undergo a regular service to keep your property and household safe from harm. Remember – faults cannot always be seen!

  • Savings

Regular servicing could lead to a cost savings. Our expert Gas Safe registered heating engineers can catch and repair faults before they lead to a larger problem such as a boiler breakdown.

  • Efficiency

Annual boiler servicing will involve the cleaning and replacing of compartments within your boiler system, allowing it to operate more efficiently around your Aylesbury home.

  • Lifespan

By locating and repairing issues before they become harmful, a regular boiler service can elongate the lifespan of your boiler system in Aylesbury.

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Gas Safe registered engineers

Our team meet nationally recognised industry standards and are Gas Safe registered, so you can trust that your boiler service will be carried out safely.


Fully insured

We hold public liability insurance as well as employer’s liability insurance to protect our customers and our team.

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When it comes to booking your local boiler service, we utilise a reliable online booking system which allows us to allocate appointments effectively.



We keep an updated stock of frequently used parts so that the majority of our repair work can operate without delays.

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