Over the Christmas period, it is likely that many of us will be spending more time at home due to time off work or school. More time at home means you may need to have your heating on more often than usual to keep your family warm. With energy bills on the rise, many of us may be worried about switching on our heating due to the consequences on our pockets. If you are concerned about heating your home this Christmas, allow us to offer some ideas of how you can ensure you are keeping your family warm in the most cost-effective way.

Set your thermostat

One of the first steps to keeping your home warm in a cost-effective manner is to adjust your thermostat. If you have a modern central heating system in your home. You will be able to set your thermostat so that the heating only comes on at times where you need it the most. We recommend setting your thermostat so that your heating is turned on during the hours of the day when your family are most likely to be in, such as the morning or evening so that they can make the most of a warm home.

Block out draughts

One of the most effective ways of keeping your home warm this winter is to ensure it is properly insulated. Installing draught excluders on windows and doors is a cost-effective way of insulating, as it slows down the process of heat escaping each room and will keep your home warmer for longer periods of time. This means you won’t have to leave your heating on for long periods to keep your home warm. You should also consider checking your roof insulation to make sure heat is not rising and escaping quickly. The recommended thickness for effective roof insulation is around 250mm.

Service your boiler

If you have not had your boiler checked over by a Gas Safe Registered engineer in a while, it is worthwhile to book a boiler service before Christmas. A boiler engineer can check over your system and make sure that there are no underlying issues with the system. They can rectify any problems that they encounter with its working parts and make some adjustments to ensure that it is operating at maximum efficiency. This will allow it to heat your home more quickly and effectively, saving you money on your energy bills over the Christmas period.

Bleed your radiators

You should check your radiators regularly to make sure that they are heating up quickly. If you notice cold spots on your radiators, then it is probably time to bleed them. Bleeding your radiators is a straightforward process and shouldn’t take long. You simply insert the radiator key into the valve to allow any trapped air to escape, catching any water that escapes by placing a bucket underneath. This will only take a matter of minutes for each radiator in your home. It will allow your radiators to properly warm up once again, and there will be a noticeable difference in how quickly your home heats up.

If you want to make sure your home can be as warm as possible for you and your family this Christmas, speak to us at Gas Tech Heating. Our team of Gas Safe Registered engineers can offer a helping hand, whether you wish to arrange a boiler service or repair. We are experienced at working on boilers from all major manufacturers, so rest assured your heating system is in safe hands. To get booked in with our team, give us a call now on 01442 832202 or email info@gastechheatingltd.co.uk.